Orange you glad it’s winter

Orange you glad it's winter

The best colour palette I ever did see.

Acne Studios orange sweater
£615 –

Acne Studios white cotton shirt
£170 –

Anine Bing bralette lingerie
£71 –

Topshop bike skirt

Patent leather boots

STELLA McCARTNEY deer wallet
£320 –

On feeling unremarkable

I am one
in a pair of ones
in a group of ones
in a room of ones
in a crowd of ones
in a mass of ones
in a land of ones
in a sea of ones
in a world of too
many ones to hear my one self sometimes but
Hello? I am still but one in seven
billion different ones and always questioning my oneness
Am I one?
Am I a number or am I a name?
Are you a two, three, four, or a five
or are we all the same?

Things that have made October bearable.

Every year, I find myself excited for Autumn’s arrival; for crisp leaves and warm drinks, cozy knitwear and milder temperatures. And yet, each and every year I am promptly reminded that I LIVE IN ENGLAND, and my heavily romanticised expectations of ‘fall’, well…. they fall short. It’s 2pm on a particularly wet and dreary day in mid-October, I’m bundled in four layers of clothing and I’m applying Blistex every hour in an attempt to combat my chapped and weather-worn lips. Yes; this is the sad reality of Autumn. It’s cold, it’s dark, and I’m bored of wearing jumpers already. While I’ll continue to yearn the onset of spring, I’m conscious that I must live in the moment, and so, I’ve compiled a list (NB: A fairly short one) of small (and some guilty) pleasures that have made October (slightly) more bearable.

(FAUX) SHEARLING – Because nothing makes me happier than practicality AND stylishness. I am all about resembling an overgrown baby polar bear in winter, and I am definitely about being swaddled in what is essentially a huge, fuzzy blanket. LOVE. IT.



22, A MILLION There’s been an unmistakable ‘Bon Iver’ shaped hole in my life for the last few years, and 
that hole has been well and truly filled by this corker of a !!!
new album!!! Yes, it really is wonderful, in the most mysterious, fractured and haunting way possible. I’d highly recommend setting aside fourty minutes of your life for a bubble bath, a mug of hot tea, and a full, start-to-finish listen. Particular favourites include ’21 Moon Water’ and ‘8 (Circle)’.

bon-iverPROJECT RUNWAY – Cold, miserable weather goes hand-in-hand with binge-watching cringeworthy TV, and this is my current go-to. It’s bitchy, ninety percent of the clothes are revolting, and yet every episode I find myself regretting not working harder in Textiles class. Side note: there is a refreshing diversity amongst this years cast, and this is, for obvious reasons, a really good thing. Excellent viewing.

PORRIDGE – Every few weeks or so I become completely obsessed with a food, and, naturally, I eat it as much as humanly possible, until I never want to go near it again.oats
Well, this month I’ve been eating oats like they’re going out of fashion, with banana/peanut butter/jam/apple/berries/literally anything. Warm, filling, and delicious, they really are an all-round winner. *goes to make porridge*

And finally…

LAUGHING AT DONALD TRUMP – Because, like many others, I’ve been doing a lot of that this month. 10/10, would recommend.